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About me

Hi there! My name is Tricked and I am a software developer from the Netherlands 🇳🇱. I have been passionate about programming and technology since I was 14 years old, starting with creating Javascript Discord bots.

Since then, I have gained experience in building a wide range of applications, including websites, user applications, and backends. I am currently focusing on using Rust for most of my projects, as I find it to be a powerful and versatile language.

I am currently on an internship for a few more months, but I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow as a developer. In my free time, I enjoy experimenting with new technologies and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

In addition to my work as a software developer, I also have a Github profile under the username “tricked-dev” where I share some of my projects and open-source contributions. If you enjoy my work and would like to support me, you can become a Github sponsor to help me continue creating high-quality projects.

One of the projects I am currently working on is a Discord bot called Aethor, which is designed to help manage suggestions and feedback from users. If you have a Discord server and are interested in trying out Aethor, feel free to check out the Aethor website for more information. Additionally, you can also support the development of Aethor by purchasing Aethor Premium, which offers additional features and helps to fund the continued development of the bot. Visit for more information. Thank you for your support!

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