How i got the active developer badge

I got the active developer badge by making the bot Aethor, you can get the badge by having a bot that ran a slash command in the past 30 days and claiming it on the Discord Developer Portal.


Make a bot on the Discord Developer Portal and invite it to your server.

Install Deno and make a file called mod.ts with the following content:

import {
} from "[email protected]/mod.ts";

const bot = createBot({
  token: "YOUR_BOT_TOKEN",
  intents: Intents.Guilds | Intents.GuildMessages,
  events: {
    ready() {
      console.log("Successfully connected to gateway");
    interactionCreate(bot, interaction) {
      bot.helpers.sendInteractionResponse(, interaction.token, {
        type: 4,
        data: {
          content: `Hello ${interaction.user.username}`,

await bot.helpers.upsertApplicationCommands([
    name: "hi",
    description: "Say hi to the bot",

await startBot(bot);

Replace YOUR_BOT_TOKEN with your bot token and run deno run -A mod.ts in the same directory as the file.

And if you did everything correctly you should see Successfully connected to gateway in the console and your bot should now have a command called /hi run it and then go to the Discord Developer Portal and claim your badge!

Why does discord give out this new badge?

Discord is trying to make people start to learn programming and rewarding people for doing so with a badge is a good way to do it.

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