Change authentik logo/branding


Authentik by default uses the authentik logo while logging in and mentions authentik in the login screen too, Changing this can be done fairly easily and can improve the user experience.

Changing the text in the login screen

Go to admin interface > Flows and Stages > Flows (/if/admin/#/flow/flows) and edit the default authentication flow with the edit button to change to text inside.

Screenshot of the menu

After this hit update and do it for the other one and that should be changed now.

Changing the icon

Changing the icons is a bit more involved it requires you to edit the docker-compose.yml to mount the new images

  - ./media:/media
  - ./custom-templates:/templates
  - ./branding/brand_icon.png:/web/dist/assets/icons/icon_left_brand.png # Add the brand icon in the ./branding folder next to your docker-compose
  - ./branding/favicon.ico:/web/dist/assets/icons/favicon.ico # Add the favicon

You can create a branding folder for example and put your branding images in there. Then you can restart Authentik and go to the admin interface > System > Brands location and edit authentik-default and update the new logos to the following location in this example.


logo: /static/dist/assets/icons/icon_left_brand.png favicon: /static/dist/assets/icons/icon.png

You can also change the title here to something else than Authentik

Bonus: Styling Authentik

  - ./media:/media
  - ./custom-templates:/templates
  - ./branding/custom.css:/web/dist/custom.css

Create a branding/custom.css file and add any custom css you want This authentik discussion has some more info on what css classes you can use and maybe a good starting point css file. After restarting authentik once the new css should be applied open dev tools to disable caching of http requests and you can edit the css file and you just have to reload for it to update.

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